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Investigation as Sprint 1

When it comes to software engineering development, the investigation and discovery round is a critical process that should not be taken for granted. At Of Ash and Fire, we firmly believe in taking the time to properly investigate and discover to ensure that our clients are getting the best possible product.

Here are five reasons why investigation and discovery are so important to us:

1. By adequately investigating what needs exist within a client's business, we can tailor a custom solution that will meet their needs perfectly. Our preparation and attention to detail allow us to avoid any costly mistakes or missteps down the line when developing the product. Ensuring that we build the right product for our clients. 

2. After taking time during the development phase to properly assess all aspects of what needs to be done, we have the ability to provide our clients with an accurate timeline for completion - something many other software engineers cannot guarantee due to a lack of experience or proper planning.

3. We are better able to understand client expectations when it comes to budgeting and resources needed throughout a project's lifespan. Mutual understanding is essential in ensuring both parties are in agreement when it comes time for development work. When done correctly, this understanding can also help prevent overspending or poor resource allocation decisions from occurring later on during the production phases.

4. Valuable insight into the potential risks associated with each project that can help mitigate problems beforehand becomes more visible during this process. Helping keep projects running smoothly without any unnecessary hiccups once production begins.

5. Lastly, by properly conducting investigation and discovery rounds, we make sure that all stakeholders involved understand what they need from each other, thus creating solid relationships between ourselves, the client, and end users alike - which leads directly to successful projects being delivered on time while still meeting everyone's expectations!

In conclusion, investigation and discovery rounds are crucial for tech companies that want to produce the most optimal work because they allow teams to uncover new and innovative ideas, identify potential problems and solutions, and drive progress and development.