Case studies

Fdebt Prototype & User Testing

The success of any app lies in its ability to be both intuitive and functional for its users. This value drove the development of Fdebt, a paydown debt app designed to help users efficiently allocate their funds and achieve their financial goals.

Our team recognizes the importance of user feedback in creating a user-centric app. We started with a low-fidelity wireframe, focusing on communicating the app's main functions to user testers.

The goal was to identify any significant changes to the user flow before investing time in UI elements.

Screenshot 2023-03-13 112422Screenshot 2023-03-13 112639

Accompanying the testers' exploration of the app was a series of questions to gather feedback. The questions were intentionally designed to avoid bias during user testing.  We were primarily interested in gauging the testers' emotional reactions and navigational confusion. The user feedback was crucial in refining the low-fidelity wireframes into truly user-centric designs that are easy to understand and navigate. 

With the acquired feedback, the team carefully analyzed the data and adapted the designs better to meet the needs and preferences of the users. For example, the customizable repayment plan screen was presented before the preset repayment options screen in the low-fidelity wireframe, confusing users regarding the function and purpose of the separate calculator screens.

Thanks to the in-depth feedback,  we easily solved the problem by switching the order in which these screens were accessed, making the purpose of the customizable plan more clear.

Screenshot 2023-03-13 141246Screenshot 2023-03-13 141327

In conclusion, Fdebt is not just any automated payment tool. It's a debt paydown app designed with the needs and preferences of users at its core. By constantly adapting to user feedback, Fdebt has been refined into an efficient, user-friendly, and effective tool that will be in your app stores soon enough!